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If you're looking for a place to spend your holidays, or the summers, or the winters, or a lifetime, there is always something going on at Fisherman's Village at Boca Chica. Call 361-484-0373

Fisherman's Village is on the Texas coast, 10 miles from Palacios, the Shrimp Capital of Texas! Escape to a different dimension and feel like you are a million miles away.

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RV & Building Lots

$1,200 Down


Water & Sewer ready to tap

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Fisherman's Village will be your sanctuary from the real world or a perfect place to retire. Call 361-484-0373

Get to the bay and get away to your own place at Fisherman's Village!  Call 361-484-0373

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Fisherman's Village at Boca Chica is a must see for anyone thinking about buying coastal property. Call 361-484-0373

Carancahua Bay is teaming over with redfish, flounder, black drum, trout, crab, shrimp and so much more!  Call 361-484-0373

Enjoy great saltwater fishing, boating, hunting, birdwatching and southern outdoor living on the Texas coast

A Recreational & Residential Community

There is so much more to say but you really need to see it for yourself. Fisherman's Village at Boca Chica is a charming yet affordable seaside community.  Call 361-484-0373

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Buy Your Own Paradise For You and Your RV!

Fisherman's Village is the perfect place for RV owners who are tired of paying lot rent in crowded RV parks.  Owning your property makes all the difference.  With our reasonable financing terms, buying is usually less expensive than renting.   Call 361-484-0373

Perfect Place To Build Your Dream Bay Cottage!

Build yourself a 700 sq. ft. bungalow or something  more expansive.  Whatever your hankering, Fisherman's Village is the perfect place to have your own private getaway!

A Rural Setting with Downtown Type Utilities!  

All lots have water and sewer lines, ready to tap.  These utilities are owned and operated by the property owner's association.  

All Lots Have Water Access!

As property owner's in Fisherman's Village you are entitled to use the property owner's pier, boat ramp, and pool.  These are not public facilities, they are for the property owner's and their guests, only!  ​​

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Enjoy fabulous sunsets, great community gatherings and terrific fishing! Fisherman's Village is a great place to own property. Call 361-484-0373

Where the Fish Stories are TRUE 

​​Fisherman's Village 

 Carancahua Bay, TX

As a Fisherman's Village property owner you have access to Carancahua Bay via the property owner's pier and boat ramp. All lots are just minutes to the bay! Call 361-484-0373

Bring your RV for the weekend or a lifetime. Either way, you can set it up on your own lot so it's ready whenever you are. All Fisherman's Village lots have both water and sewer utilities that are ready to tap. You can buy a lot for less than it would cost to put a septic tank anywhere else. Fisherman's Village is a terrific value! Call 361-484-0373

Fisherman's Village is the perfect place to build a cabin, cottage, or to bring your RV. Call 361-484-0373

​​​Fisherman's Village, TX has great saltwater fishing on Carancahua Bay.  It's only a few minutes to Matagorda Bay with the Gulf of Mexico just beyond.  Call Stan today!  361-484-0373